A Store Is Born!

Or at least an idea!

Like all the best ideas, it was born of frustration and a sudden realisation that women seem to be under some sort of collective delusion about that consumer zeitgeist, the cupcake.

Now I have nothing against cupcakes per se, in fact I’m a keen baker, but I can’t help but feel that this obsession with pink icing and more than £4.00 for a mouthful of sugar, butter and flour (yes Lola’s Kitchen, I’m looking at you) is a bit well, wrong in the current climate.

What happens when a woman buys a cupcake
What happens when a woman buys a cupcake

Now aside from the fact that my suspension of disbelief cannot stretch to the idea that Sarah Jessica Parker would actually eat a cupcake from Magnolia without some form of stunt double (thanks to Jeremiah for the link), the cupcake obsession suggests that we need to get a grip ladies.

So to attempt to inject some sanity, welcome to the Subversive Cupcake Company*.


To see our feminist cakes, go here! For the special (not work safe) Muffcakes, go here. To buy a T shirt, go here.

To buy any cakes, please email izzy@subversivecupcakes.co.uk.

*We also do real cake.



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